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TYMBA 30 Minutes with Airil Razali presents Zetty Hamimi Zakaria, a Director from a Prominent Government Agency giving you insights on the Impact of Covid-19 to Malaysia's Economy. Those who wonder on the employability rate, government expectations, corporate response and economic stability are the ones who need to join the session and figure out their curiosity. This session will be an eye-opener for you to know and prepare for the uncertainties that you will face during this pandemic.

Featuring Ahmad Syahazan Yaacob, Audit Director of Salihin, one of the largest Bumiputera Firm in the World in TYMBA 30 Minutes with Airil Razali. Syahazan will give insights on digitalisation of the audit field in developing towards the IR4.0. Syahazan believes that changes are necessary to be made for individuals and companies to adapt with the rapid digitalisation of the world. Hear what Syahazan will share on the actions taken and skills required to shine in the audit field for Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Danny Lim, a Malaysian who is holding a position as the Head of Corporate Finance of an International Firm Based in Singapore, will be sharing on the expectations, challenges and opportunities of working abroad! TYMBA Talk will be discussing these issues to help those who have a desire to work abroad to prepare and expect from working abroad.

How does Digital Marketing shape business today?
Disruptive technologies in Digital marketing?
The best approach for content creation?
Lets unravel and discover more w Adam Zakaria x TYMBA.